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DXBase Import Utility Updated

An update in format used by ARRL's Logbook Of The World's Lotwreport.adi file results in validation errors when importing into the Import utility.

The change will result in warnings about invalid county names and the lack of county information imported with your data.

The Import utility has been updated to prevent this error. You can download it here.

Unzip the file and replace the import.exe file in your existing DXB2007 directory with the new version.

To purchase DXBase, click here

New Computer Line-up announced

SDR users now have four computers specifically designed and tested, component by component, for optimum performance.

A new computer designed for small operating spaces, RVs, dxpeditions, etc., is available. The Incredible Small-Form-Factor Computer has the power to run Flex-3000s and 1500s with a low power-consumption footprint.

The new "King of the Hill" is The Ultimate Op Computer. This is a crazy-powerful machine, powered by Intel's i7-3930 6-core, 12-hyperthread CPU which blows the lid off of benchmarks. Connect up to 6 monitors and know you have a machine that your son/grandson will tell his friends about!

The premium The Dx'ers Dream Computer is using the Intel i7-2600 CPU, which is the most performant versus cost processor Intel has ever produced. This dream machine will meet all of your needs for many years in the future.

A new Entry Level Computer rounds out the new line-up of SDR computers. Sporting the powerful AMD Phenom II X6 965 4-core CPU, you will comfortably drive all Flex radios at an incredible price.

All systems now use Windows 7 64 bit operating systems.

Spot 1.9.12 enters beta test

Spot version 1.9.12 is available for beta testing. This version fixes the incorrect headings and some small bugs. The main bug remaining is with alarm notifications.

Send email to K3NC if you would like to test!

K3NC Review in Oct., 2008 CQ Magazine

Read Neal's review of the fantastic Flex-Radio Systems Flex-5000a transceiver in the October 2007 CQ Magazine or download a pdf version from the Flex-Radio website (click here).

Neal Campbell, K3NC, Receives Software Excellence Award.

On May 17, 2008 at the FlexRadio Banquet and Forum held at the Dayton Hamvention, a Flexi Award was presented to Neal Campbell, K3NC, in honor of providing services and solutions to all Flex Radio operators. Flex-Radio stated that Flexi award were given to people who recognized an opportunity to unselfishly give of themselves a knowledge or skill that advanced the cause of software defined radio and benefited the FlexRadio community as a whole. You can read more about the Flexi awards on the FlexRadio web page at this URL: http://www.flex-radio.com/Users.aspx?topic=flexies.


A virtual Y cable, for Windows platforms, makes connecting amateur radio programs to each other possible. Go to download page for version 1. If you are a PowerSDR user, use K5FR's DDUtil program.

Our Hardware Product Portfolio

Computer Systems fine-tuned for SDR activities

One of the critical success factors in using modern software-defined radios (SDRs) is often overlooked during the decision process of buying a new radio: your computer. In the early days of experimentation with SDRs, we thought that processor speed and overall computer utilization was the critical success factor. A holdover of this school of thought is that many SDR consoles show the system utilization on the main panel.

It was a bit of a shock, however, when new SDR owners, who do not spend days tuning their systems, started running into troubles. They would buy the latest desktop computer from the local big-box store, plug in the radio and start seeing problems. These problems are evident by the console freezing up or losing communications with the radio (which is just on the other end of the FireWire cable!) These computers normally had the latest in CPU technology and their computer system had every bell and whistle ever imagined, yet it couldn't run a program that a small system such as an Intel Atom 330 could run with no problems (if set up correctly).

The four critical success factors for a SDR computer are:

1. Properly selected computer components that provide adequate power and overhead when needed,
2. very low latency at the driver layer of Windows (properly written drivers),
3. congestion on the IRQ that the FireWire or USB cards are using, and
4. and tuning Windows so it doesn't interrupt audio processing.

Each year we test many new components, solely with the goal of identifying the best components to use in each of our computer systems. Some end up in surplus computer systems that we sell merely to recover our costs (if you are looking for a good system not related to Software Definied Radios, please drop us a line!) As opposed to other dealers, we select each part (even non-sexy ones of things like power supplies) for the quietest, lowest maintenance usage in the shack.

Some components, using well-known chipsets, still can be problematic due to poorly-written drivers. These drivers result in to a very high rate of Deferred Process Calls (DPCs) which will block the data path through the I/O subsystem of a PC.

Unfortunately, many motherboards also engineer the peripherals (whether the built-in type or ones you plug into a PCI/PCIe slot) only on a few (often just 2) IRQs. A recent Dell computer in my shop had all peripherals assigned mainly to IRQ 16 and 17. There was no way this system would run well as a SDR computer without turning off some of the system devices. Long gone are the days where users could assign the IRQ used by a device!

The Windows operating system itself can be a cause of problems. For instance, Windows will try to provide lghtning-quick search by continually reading any file that has been updated and building indices of file names, words contained within the documents etc. This type of search and analyize function can fire ever minute

Why should I buy a computer from you instead of the ones I see at Walmart/Costco/etc.?

If your biggest priority is to get the absolute cheapest computer for your new SDR, look for a good AMD-based computer at your local store of preference. You want to look for a multi-core processor AMD processor, 3.0GHz or fasfer running Windows 7 with at least 4GB of memory. You will want a processor type that has Phenom II, Athlon 2, FX or A Series. If possible, make sure it has an AMD controller (you will see specifications like 990. 880. 765,etc.)

We offer 4 computers specifically configured and tuned for use with your Software-Defined Radio:

  • The Entry Level Computer, which is a system for those just starting out with a Flex-3000 or 1500.
  • The DX'ers Dream Computer, a premium-level machine that will last many years in your shack,
  • The Incredible Small-Form-Factory Computer, designed for very small shacks or RVs.
  • The Ultimate Op Computer, put simply, the fastest machine out there!

The Entry Level Computer

This system provides good performance at the loewest cost that we are willing to support. The system has quality parts in every category, good peformance for all single-receiver SDRs (Flex-1500, Flex-3000, Flex-5000a single receiver systems).

This system comes complete with WIndows 7 Home Premium x64 and will provide years of quality service.

Each system is installed professionally, tuned and configured for your callsign and station logistics. This is truly a plug and play computer for your Flex Radio.

The DX'ers Dream Machine

This premium system is built around the Intel i7-2600 processor which has been the most popular CPU used by the computer enthusiast. This system provides horsepower and flexibility for many years into the futre. 316MB of memory provide a large playground on which to run many programs at once, while the power of the i7-2600's 8 hypterthreads give you the capacity to tun without pauses.

This system utilizes the Texas Instrument 1394a controler for the highest firewire performance.

As with all systems, the installation is done professionally, performance is tuned to eliminate any unwanted delays and everything is pre-configured with your name, callsign and logistics.

The Incredible Small Form Factor Computer

This mid-level computer is slightly smaller than a Flex-5000 radio yet powerful enough to handle even the dual-RX model. Designed specifically for operation in small rooms, RVs, etc. Built using the Intel i5-2400 workhourse CPU with inbuilt Intel 2000 graphics, it provides the right amount of power for all Flex radios in a small, power-efificent case. It comes with 8B of memory and a TI controler 1394 adapter.

As with all of our systems, the computer is built to professional standards, peformance tuned and pre-configured for your station information. Really a system ready to roll!

The Ultimate Op Computer

This is the Ultimate, the top-of-the-line, best computer on the market period! If you must have the best, this is it guaranteed! Your teenage son will talk about this one to his friends.

Intel's incredible i7-3930K 6-core, 12 hyperthreaded CPU running at 3.2-3.8GHz is the engine behind the muscle.

What makes this system perform better than other systems using this CPU is the complimentary, specifically-chosen components chosen as the "best of breed" in their category.

There are no options available for this configuration because we have already put them all in! You get a 3-year hardware and installation warranty, 1 year of remote support by K3NC as well as antivirus/malware prevention.

This system is provided with our 3 year warranty, with any problems, in either hardware or installation, shipping covered free of charge.


Our Services-oriented Portfolio

Services tailored to make your SDR System really perform!

If you love your current computer yet wish you could benefit from the years of tweaking machines that we have, you can use our In-house Tuning/tweaking service. You pay shipping both ways, plus a small surcharge on top of the current price for any new parts as quoted on newegg.com

We charge $150 for this service unless we determine that the system will not benefit, at which time we will just charge for its return trip to you! Select this item from the Computer section of our stare to get your computer running faster than ever!

We also can do remote installation and tweaking via TeamViewer remote support software. This $175.00 service is only recommended for those users with a broadband connection. Enjoy a highly performant Flex Radio on your current computer, tuned and installed by a professional!

Coming Soon!

We are producing Installation and Tweaking Guides, based on our years of experience. These documents, reasonably priced, will guide you with pictures and numbered steps in order to achieve and maintain your own highly-tweaked SDR System.

We are also working on providing fully tweaked and configured system images, available on self-booting Dvds that will instantly provide you with a great SDR system. Go to town, buy that Weekend Special at the local computer store, then buy our system image. Separate images will be available for Windows 7 Home Premium (both x86 and x64) and Windows 7 Professional (x86 and x64). Purchase of a system image also comes with 15 days of remote support in order to fully enable the best from your system.

SDR-1000, FLEX-1500, FLEX-5000, FLEX-3000, FlexReady, PowerSDR are trademarks of FlexRadio Systems. FlexRadio Systems is not associated with this offer in any regards. FlexRadio Systems in no way is responsible for the operation or support of computer systems sold by Abroham Neal Software.

FireWire´┐Ż is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Inc., under license

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