Hi All! I have decided to retire full-time and devote my time to my hobbies and some personal development projects. Therefore I have closed my company (abroham neal software) and will focus solely on personl (hobby) projects.

I want to thank all my customers as well as help from my friends at Flex Radio for their help and support over the years!

Hi all,

Since I have closed my business, I am putting all of the DXbase 2007 registration files in my public folder on dropbox. I do not have, nor ever had, any registration files for previous versions. If you need a prior reg file, download and install DXBase 2007 (link below) and generate a registration key for it (see below).

You can access the registration files here: HERE

Also included in the folder is the program used to create registration files. The file is DXB27Key.zip and is in the folder of registration keys. Download it.

To use it, unzip the DXB27key.zip file and run DXB27key.exe. Enter your name and callsigns, then click the 'Generate' button. The generated reg file will be in a folder called Userkeys.

Generated files are not compatible with 64 bit operating systems so you will need to perform a modification of the reg file to make it compatible. Here is the document that outlines what to do: HERE

You can always download the last verison of DXBase 2007 at HERE

Neal K3NC